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MASCAN Logo weiß
MASCAN Einrichtung Luxusgarage mit Edelstahlmodulen

MASCAN’s corporate
values and philosophy

Our passion for innovative garage interior design is our daily motivation to break down the barriers of “conventionality” and define a new status quo for luxury garages.
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Stainless steel modules for luxury garages

Following years of experience in the field of industrial engineering, we wanted to realise creative ideas for garage design in harmony with the owner’s individual vehicle, so we developed exclusive, high-quality stainless steel modules that represent the very best in garage interior design. Thanks to our sustainability concept, all MASCAN products can be handed down from generation to generation in immaculate condition. Our products are adapted individually to fit the exact dimensions of your garage space.
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We transform the status quo of the garage and turn it into a quality part of your home with sophisticated, stylish furniture.


About our 

Our german partner offers more than three decades of invaluable experience and expertise in the production of high-quality stainless steel furniture. For this reason, we can rely on their impeccable quality 100%. Our stainless steel modules are build individually and made to measure by our partner by hand in their workshop. They also take care of reliable delivery and professional assembly of the stainless steel garage furniture.
MACAN Innovation
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Development & 

Let us put your car in the spotlight! The combination of flawless functionality and visual aesthetics is based on an intensive, painstaking development process at MASCAN. We transform the status quo of the garage and turn it into a quality part of your home with sophisticated, stylish furniture. Our MASCAN stainless steel modules also offer flexibility: if you change your vehicle, you can also replace the front surfaces of all modules, have them painted in accordance with the individual colour scheme of your choice, or upgraded with a real carbon fibre facing.


MASCAN offers the market something completely new: our unique stainless steel modules add a convincing touch of unprecedented luxury to your garage. But that’s not all: as garage interior designers, we are particularly keen on finding innovative solution, ensuring the continuous optimization of our high-quality products that can be tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.
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Sustainability is important to us.

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1. Replaceability

All outer panels can be replaced, repainted or upgraded with real carbon facings.
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2. Flexibility

All visible external surfaces are painted, so all modules can be variably adjusted and adapted to fit a variety of spaces.
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3. Durability

All construction components are made from high-quality stainless steel and extremely long-lasting. They can be used by several generations in succession.